Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stockholm, Sweden

Well, I have now arrived in Costa Rica for my semester abroad, but somehow I have managed to not even finish my blog posts about the cruise. So, here goes the last one. Unfortunately I don't have my notes about all the places we went with me, so this is going to be painfully vague.

Our last stop on the cruise was Stockholm, Sweden. In the morning, my family took a tour of a famous park. Within the park were a few buildings with some pretty random arcitechtural influences - it was certainly interesting. After eating lunch within the park, we visited a really neat butterfly house.

After our tour of the park, our bus dropped us off in the "old town" of Stockholm. My family elected to wander about near the castle for a few minutes, during which we saw some kind of Stockholm equivalent of the changing of the guards. Afterwards, we walked down the bay back to our ship. Later that night, my sister and I went out to a local bar with some friends from the ship as well as a friend of a friend who lives in Stockholm, which was pretty fun. Main observation: Swedish people are intensely good-looking - it's pretty crazy.

The remainder of the cruise consisted of a few sea days and finally disembarking back in Harwich, England. We had an amazing time, and I was certainly sad to leave. We spent one more night in London, during which we saw Avenue Q on West End, which was of course amazing. :)

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