Tuesday, August 5, 2008

London, Part II

So, quick summary of the rest of our ultra-touristy stay in London:

Wednesday, 30 July
-Trafalgar Square - we ate lunch, wasted time, and got very slightly sunburned. It was glorious.
-BBC Proms: World Music Awards showcase show. A few days earlier, we stumbled upon a sign outside of Prince Albert Hall advertising the upcoming BBC Proms shows. Somewhat on a whim, we bought tickets to the Wednesday night show. It was essentially a showcase show of all the winners of the BBC World Music Awards. We saw performers from Cape Verde, Sevilla, China, a few different African countries, and lots of other places. The show was almost four hours long, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

^Trafalgar Square

^BBC Proms show at Prince Albert Hall

Thursday, 31 July
-Southwark Cathedral, which was originally built sometime in the 1200s. We stumbled randomly upon it while searching for London Bridge, and it was beautiful.
-London Bridge (we were successful in our search) and Tower Bridge
-London City Hall - another random discovery. We ate lunch in a nice cafe on the bottom floor.
-Malaysia Week - random discovery number three. There were lots of tents set up selling Malaysian goods, a stage with music, and food. It made me miss a certain former roommate of mine :)
-Tower of London (we didn't actually go inside, because we're cheap)
-Tate Modern Art Museum
-Merry Wives of Windsor at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. We were groundlings, and it was lots of fun.

^Southwark Cathedral
^Tower Bridge

^Tower of London

^A groundling's view of the Globe Theatre

^It was a beautiful night, so we took some pictures from across the river on the way back to our hotel.

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