Friday, June 27, 2008

Teaching, Week Two

This week, the LTP team collaborated as a group on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to do projects with classes 7D, 5B, and 3B, respectively. With 7D and 5B we took photographs representing Swahili proverbs called misemo. On Thursday, the 7D students wrote stories that showed the importance of the misemo they had photographed, and today in class they used their photographs and stories to create an artistic display of their misemo.

Also this week, a few of us started teaching afterschool programs. Alia and Michelle are teaching two separate art classes, Lindsay is teaching dance, and I've been teaching songs in English. The kids really enjoy having somewhat structured activities after school - it is for the most part a new concept for them.

1) One group's results of the "French Verbs" project that a few of us did with 3B last week. They learned the French words for to swim, to walk, to jump, to fly, and to dance.
2) One pair's Misemo project from 7B.
3) The poster Alia made for my singing class.
4) View of Mt. Meru from near my homestay.

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