Monday, October 27, 2008

Some stolen photos... :)

So. On the issue of pictures... starting with a little history. My camera, which I purchased new in March, took quite a beating in August in London due to an unfortunate incident involving me foolishly swinging it in circles by its strap on a concrete walkway in Kensington Park. This resulted in me having to partially disassemble the camera in order to make it work again, as it somehow managed to land on and smash the shutter button. This worked temporarily, but I eventually had to repeat the camera surgery, this time removing part of the top of the camera. Now everything was fine. However, while we were in La Selva working on independent projects, my camera inexplicably stopped working. Any time a memory card was inside the camera, it would say "the memory card is locked," even though the memory card was not locked. Long story short, I ended up buying a new point-and-shoot after a three-week-long attempt-to-fix-camera saga in San Jose. SO. To make myself feel better about a month of no pictures, I stole some pictures from my friend Becca, who has an amazing camera and photography skills to boot. Here comes a small sampling of those from Las Cruces, Cuerici, and La Selva.

^Las Cruces: A soccer game that turned into an all-out mud brawl - I'm fourth from the left, I think. I believe this was the first time in my life that I literally (and not on purpose) ate a handful of mud... I was convinced that I would contract some terrible illness afterwards, but luckily this did not occur.

^Cuerici: Action shot of me during a really fun and highly entertaining all-day hike.

^Cuerici: Hanging out after deciding to walk the 3-ish kilometers back to the station instead of riding in the car... this after the all-day hike. Notice we're right at the level of the clouds.

^Cuerici: Out in the field studying forest fragmentation.

^La Selva: Billy's encounter with a howler monkey... how awesome. Sadly, I wasn't present.

^La Selva: Porcupine on the bridge cable.

^La Selva: Slug-eating snake we found on a night hike :)

^La Selva: During a free day, a few of us decided to go out and explore the forest. While following a trail that led off one of the main trails, we first found a strange house-like building that was literally covered in bats. Afterwards, we continued following the small trail down to the river, where we found this awesome cable-car contraption and propelled ourselves across the river to continue our hike. I probably shouldn't mention that this was during a thunderstorm...

^La Selva

^La Selva: butterfly... note Becca's awesome photography skills.

^La Selva: White tent bats. They make tents out of Heliconiaceae or Marantaceae leaves and cuddle up under them. Adorable.

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